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  • Dosages: 40mg,
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Cernos caps is used to treat erectile dysfunction. Its is most popular drug in Australia among men who needs to solve potency problems. Online Cernos caps is available in Australia without a prescription, as such, its the easiest and cheapest to buy potency pill for anyone. Generic Cernos caps is available in a wide range of dosages and quantity suitable for anyone.

Cernos caps are used to treat conditions with low testosterone level in the body and also erectile dysfunction.

Cernos caps 40 mg
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Cernos caps information

Cernos capsule is a medicine containing synthetically produced testosterone, a male hormone. This medicine contains 40 mg of testosterone and commonly used to treat the shortage of male hormone testosterone naturally released in a male’s body.

Cernos capsules are use in men who suffer from the following health issues:

  • Testicular diseases which affect the testes producing testosterone.
  • Pituitary disease or hypothalamus which affects the normal release of testosterone.

How testosterone works

The body produces the needed amounts of testosterone hormone which plays a significant role in growth, development, and functioning of the male sexual organs.

Testosterone is vital for formation of sperms, keeping sexual desire and development of qualities associated with manliness such as voice, pubic, face, chest hair and others.

Low hormone level in men leads to erectile dysfunction, depression, fatigue, other health problems. Men who have low testosterone level often suffer from such conditions as: decreased muscle mass, diseases associated with lipid metabolism, high cholesterol level in blood, anemia, bone diseases, hair loss, low libido and erectile dysfunction.

Cernos capsules containing testosterone work by replacing the testosterone that is not sufficient enough in the body. The capsules can be used to improve muscle mass development, control levels of red blood cells, and provide normal bone growth and sexual function.

Testosterone in Cernos capsules stimulates normal sexual function, increases stamina and boosts libido.

As a medical product Cernos caps is ideal for prevention and treatment of the conditions and health issues related to the deficiency of natural testosterone in the body.

ED can develop because of decreased testosterone secretion and release, so men with low testosterone need replacement of this hormone to improve sexual function and general well-being.

Cernos capsules are loved by men who use the medicine for building muscle mass and treating erection difficulties.

How to take

Cernos capsule contains gel form of testosterone. The capsules are easy to take by mouth. One capsule contains 40 mg of testosterone.

The dosage of Cernos caps depends on many factors and is usually adjusted by a doctor. The information about the dosage is also available with the medicine.

Before the therapy with Cernos caps it is wise to get a doctor’s consultation to inform your doctor about other health conditions you have and other medicines you take.

Possible side effects

If used correctly, Cernos caps do not usually cause any side effects. Still some of the body reactions are possible especially in the beginning of the treatment. Men can experience mild nausea, spontaneous excessive erections of penis, acne, enlargement and pain in the breast, often need to urinate and some others.

Doctor's recommendations

Before taking Cernos caps you need to be sure that testosterone therapy is safe for you. If you have serious kidney disease or liver condition, prostate cancer, any other severe condition, do not start the treatment with Cernos caps. Please ask advice of your medical practitioner.

Prior to the treatment it is recommended to check the function of your prostate gland and make blood tests for prostate specific antigen (PAS).